Cadet Summer Training ROTC (CST) Tips & Tricks – Linear Danger Area (LDA)

This is #3 (not in order of importance) of Tips & Tricks needed for SUCCESS at CST.  Over the coming weeks I will post several idea’s to think about.  Follow the page, share it with your fellow Cadets or Cadre.


Some light reading; think about this for ten minutes before you get to camp. Remember everything here is DOCTRINE. So there is a difference between Tactics (doctrine) and Techniques (our added methods). Tactics are the way to go, that doesn’t mean techniques are not value added.

Everything in parenthesis are TECHNIQUES.

LDA crossing for a platoon:

1.  The lead squad halts the platoon and signals danger area. (hand and arm signal, slashing across chest, followed by signal for the PL, often two fingers together vertically on the center of the patrol cap).

2.  Platoon leader moves forward to the lead squad to confirm the danger area, and then decides if current location is suitable for crossing.

3.  Platoon leader confirms danger area or crossing site and establishes nearside and farside rally points.

4.  On the PLs signal, the trail squad moves forward to establish left and right nearside security. (M249 & TM LDR to the side with more assessed danger, Rifleman  & Grenadier to the weak side).

5.  Once nearside security is established, the A team of the lead squad with the Squad Leader (SL), moves across to confirm there is enough room to fit the rest of the platoon on the farside of the LDA.

6.  Once he conducts SLLS (Stop, Look, Listen, Smell), the SL signals the PL, “ALL CLEAR.” During daylight, the signal can be something such as thumbs up. At night, use something such as an infrared or red lens.

7.   The PL then directs the B team of the lead squad to bound across by team and link up with the A team of the lead squad and pick up a half step while the rest of the platoon crosses.

8.   Platoon leader then crosses with RTO, FO, WSL, and one gun team.

9.   Once across, PL signals the second squad in movement to cross.

10.  PSG with medic and one gun team crosses after second squad is across (sterilizing central crossing site).

11.  PSG signals security squad to cross at their location.

12.  PSG calls PL via FM radio to confirm all elements are across.

13.  PL directs lead squad to pick up normal rate of movement.

This is more designed for a trail or road, changes must be factored in for large open areas. Either way, the bottom line is to assess the situation, use your brain and execute.


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